Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School!!!

I think this was a crazy week for everyone that I talk to! Back to school means such a change in routines for everyone! Alyssa started 1st grade this year, which just seems crazy!!! The twins started daycare 2 days a week this week also.. which was really hard for me to do, but I just couldn't get caught up on all the computer work with them here all the time. I'm very lucky though to find the most awesome babysitter ever! Jen Colvin, one of my fav clients, had decided to stay home full time with her kiddos and babysit. Im so lucky to have found her, the girls absolutely LOVE her and there was NO transition problems at all for them! They just walked right in and didn't cry at all when I left!!!!! Jen, thank you SO much for taking such wonderful care of my girls!!! We also had another big Change... Sarah Linhardt started working for me doing my ordering.. it will be no time at all till she can totally run with all the ordering which will make things so much easier for me to stay caught up, and will speed up the ordering process. I'm so excited for her to have started and I think EVERYONE will love the customer service you will get from Sarah! She is absolutely fabulously organized and personable and will be such a great addition to TwoViews!

Also had some great sessions last week. First off I had a client that always brings her kids on their bday. Whenever possible Ive made arrangements to accommodate them. She has always taken whichever had their bday that day out of preschool, takes them to do pictures and out to lunch as a special treat. Mr. "Z" was starting Kindergarten this year and so fun! Ive always gotten such great expressions out of him and always have such a fun session! Had a quick senior session after that, seniors can vary so much from some that want "the works" and others that just want a "few". Eric just wanted a couple of casual pictures. After that I got to play with one of my little 3 monthers, that I did newborn pictures for, and its so neat to see the difference 3 months can make! Little "L" fell asleep right at the end for some of the most precious pictures! Usually I don't get those sleepy baby pictures except at the newborn session!!! And lastly but definitely not least was the cutest little one year old! The whole family came for a few family shots, but mostly it was pictures for the youngests first bday. What a little doll!!! This one was one of those that was hard to narrow down to 30-40 proofs!!!!! Check back later tonight for the full session Jennifer!!

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