Monday, September 29, 2008

Its been to long...

Its been to long since I posted pictures! Thanks for every ones patience while we were dealing with a family med. emergency! I'm still getting caught up and will be by early this week. I thought Id post a quick few I'm working on from my first week in my new studio! I will post some from the end of that week later today! The new place is so incredible with big old windows and trim that is just incredible. The back of the house also has just such incredible spots to use as well. It was so fun getting to know the new place, and everyone really seemed to enjoy having more space for their sessions. My very first session was a senior, and so fun! I get to photography such beautiful kids.. both young and older! Then were some younger ones, one 2yr old and one family of three. The 2 year old was so active and full of life.. Anna I so enjoyed hearing about your background and loved hearing you speak to him in Russian! He is such a doll, good look with your new jobs/interviews! Then the family of three... such adorable little blond headed kiddos... I got lots of great ones of the whole gang, but these two of the oldest just really jumped out at me. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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