Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel change a coming!

Going to be slowing things done here a bit with sessions. I know Ive said that before! But we have some family changes around our household, and I will need to be spending more time at home, and less here. that being said, I'm just going to cut my workload in about half. What does that mean? If you need a sat. they are all ready booked through April, and only 2 spots in May on Saturdays. Week days are booking about a month out. February is already full, and booking are starting in March.

One my oldie but goodie clients that's been here about from the start with little Mr. "L" was back for his 3yr pictures... He brought his cousin and they each got some shots... But my fave has got to be little Mr. "L" in action playing baseball. He has such true grit on his face as he is swinging to know the ball out of there! It was so nice to have a warm day to get out and play some too!!! Also had another fun Maternity. Maternity shoots are always so intimate, and really reflect about the mommy's personality. Mom brought her two "other babies" for the shoot, and they were sooo well behaved! If she can get the soon to be little one to behave as good as them, she will have it made! And lastly but not least, is little "A". She is one of those babies that just LOVES the camera every time she is here. Its almost like she can be in a bad mood and I get the camera out and the whole face grins just instantly come out!

Enjoy your sneak peaks and everyone have a great Superbowl weekend!

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