Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday and Saturday Peaks!

Last Friday brought a couple of active little guys! The first was not going to have it my way! Such an adorable little guy full of attitude! It was nice, so we went out side and did it "his" way, and I ended up getting some of the most adorable action shots of him playing out back! Sometimes the unplanned is just way better than the planned! Then came one of my regulars who never disappoints with sweet ornery looks, of that's even a possible combination... Hope you guys enjoy your "peaks".

Then I had a maternity session. These are so much fun as you just get to full out be creative.. you aren't dependant on wondering if the child will do what you had planned, and I just always look forward to a maternity shoot! Mom and dad were so fun, and genuinely funny and I thoroughly enjoyed their comic relief during the session!

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