Monday, March 23, 2009

Here we go again...

Start of another week! The weekends just seem to fly by! I swear time passes so much quicker once you have kids! Little Miss "L" has been one of my baby planners, and this was her one year session! I love so much to get to see the little ones grow and change each session! This was by far my favorite session with her, we got so many good smiles and laughs, I will miss seeing her every three months! :)

Also posting a peak for the proud parents of a set of identical newborn twin girls! Congrats on their healthy arrival! They were precious and perfect in every way! Newborn twin girls... oh how that takes me back to those first few weeks! Mom and dad seemed to be doing well (of course, sleep deprived, but seemed to be doing great with their new blessings! Thanks so much guys for inviting me in to capture these first few days with your little miracles!

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