Sunday, April 26, 2009

90 years

My grandfather turned 90 last may. He was full of life, lived to see 3 children and 3 grandchildren grow up, and 5 great-grandchildren be born. He was a strong-feisty full Norwegian who was a twin and born at just under 2 lbs out on a farm, with no doctors, and slept in a shoebox in a drawer with his twin sister they were so tiny. He lived to see my have my twins, which he was so proud of and actually cheated death about the time I found out i was carrying twins because he was going to see them be born! And that he did, and lived 3 more years to watch them grow. I sat with my grandpa all night Friday night so everyone else would get some sleep knowing he was not alone. His old body fought hard all night long, and into sat, then with grandma and me holding his hands he peacefully slipped away to his heavenly home. I'm sure my uncle (his son) who was killed in Vietnam at 21 was there welcoming him home. I could feel it. Anyway, here's to my grandpa who would have given up anything for any of his family! Love you Grandpa!

I will be and am a bit behind with all the funeral planning, etc. So if you are waiting on something, please be patient, I run the business on my own, so If I'm out, there is not really anyone to keep it running. We will likely be up here in KC through Wednesday, and I will likely not be returning calls/emails till then as well! Thanks for your patience!

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