Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newborn and graduating-

Although typically it seems like the newborns are blooming one right after another (I have had more newborns than ever this spring all grouped together and another 6-8 coming up), I had a senior last week also. Seniors typically come in the late summer/fall, so it was fun to have all the spring flowers to work with a senior! "L" visited me in the winter for inside shots and came back for her outside ones once it warmed up. I love spring as I am captivated by the color. I try to add color into my work whenever I can. Sometimes its an old shed, or garage door, but the spring has so many natural colors that are endless! L also has the most beautiful skin-tone which just brings the colors further! I also got to use my "ugly-chair" as alyssa calls it. I bought it on ebay for 9.99. Yeah, and it cost me 78 bucks to have it shipped from Florida to hear via greyhound bus. I hadn't read the details about shipping so when I ended up paying almost 100 bucks for the think, I was so hoping it would be worth it, and I think it was!!! The blue adds such a nice contrast to the greens outside!!!!

Then for the newborn-he was such an adorable little guy, and had and incredibly active 18month old! I'm not sure how mom is handling it! I sometimes thing 2 that close would be harder than twins!! Anyway, here's some sweet pictures of your little guy- hope you enjoy the sneak peak!

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