Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Website & Blog!

I'm so excited to announce the launch of my new website. Its been months in the making, literally. I started back in January, and am just not finishing up! I cant complain about being busy though! The new site should go live sometime tonight (Thursday night), and hopefully there wont be any glitches. If you do experience some problems, please be patient, it might be Monday before they are all straitened out. I have fallen a bit behind in my proofing and ordering as well, so it may take closer to 3 weeks for your prints if you are waiting on some. By the end of next week I expect to be caught back up and on track! Thanks for being so patient!

I am excited about starting this blog also. I intend on using it to give at least a weekly update on whats going on, and include some of my favorite shots of the week. Ill also post info on how orders are coming etc, as Its been hard finding a way to notify everyone if I am out of town unexpectedly, (such as with my grandfather being sick) which has happened several times lately. I'm hoping this will be able to provide a little info easily which I haven't been able to do before now. Please check the blog if you are waiting on prints, or proofs, to get updates, and to maybe get some sneak peaks at your upcoming proofs!

Thanks again to all my clients, you are so wonderful and I really appreciate your patience as Ive been working on all these changes. Also on the changes note... I am still in the works with offering the photo pendants which so many of you have inquired about. Its just a matter of a week now. I'm meeting with my vendor next wed. and should have it finalized to start offering them through my photocart by the end of next week!

Below is a my most recent little client. Just over one week old, just like I like them, and was such an awesome little gal. She slept through the entire thing, and didn't even make any messes on any of my equipment! Newborns are definitely my favorite subjects, and I always get so giddy when I schedule a new little miracle! Hope you enjoy them April, she is such a doll!

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