Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digging out of the hole!

I finally feel like I'm digging out of the hole! Things have been so crazy trying to get caught up on everything, and I finally can feel like I can breath! Taking the holiday weekend off from sessions really helped to get back on track and gave me a little bit of much needed R&R! Thanks to all my wonderful clients who have been so understanding about time-frames taking just a bit longer than normal. The website switch was really needed, as my old yahoo site just couldn't handle the traffic Ive been getting lately, and the opening slideshow on the old site had been hanging up for some. Since its taken me 6 months to build this side, I just decided I needed to sit down and take the time to finish it up so everyone could view my site, and their pictures better.

Here's a couple of teasers for you guys from last week who have been patiently waiting for your proofs!

Shannon- it was so great to get to see you again, and yes, you are my hero! I cant hardly get out with 3 kids, yet you do it so effortlessly with 4!

The second teaser is one of my clients who's been with me from just about the start of the business, and I love each time I get together with them. I really love having clients that come time and time again, as I get so much more familiar with them and their personalities!

Lastly, I had to post a few from this week for you Polly- I love newborns so much and am continually humbled when someone invites me into their home to preserve those precious first few weeks of life through photography. I could hardly wait to get home to look at some of these!

Ill post again this weekend with some more of my faves from this week, Ive done so many already this week that I'm dying to proof! So check back to get a teaser from your session this week!

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