Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy 90th B-day!

We are in Kansas City for the extended weekend for my grandpa's 90th B-day! Happy Birthday Grandpa! I can only hope to live as long and full life as you! But even though we've been a way, that's not to say we weren't busy this week with sessions! As usual, laptop was in tow so I could get work done on the go! I had a great week in getting to shoot sessions for 2 good ole' friends this week. Susan, it was so nice getting to visit and to see how your boys have grown, we need to get together more often with the kids. The boys are so adorable and full of you and Kenny's personalities! Ramona each year is exciting to watch your girls grow when we do our annual "spring" sessions.

I'm going to just include a bunch of highlights of my week in sessions with this post, to give all you guys from this last week a little "teaser" of your session, along with one of my twins that I just couldn't resist posting! Hope you enjoy and hope all is well back in Jefferson City! Anyone trying to reach me, I have my cell and am checking email from here, so If you waiting for me to return a call or email, Ill get in touch with you today!

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