Monday, June 9, 2008

Beautiful day for a BBQ!

It doesn't seem possible another week has flown by! I'm quite sure that once you have children, the clock ticks much faster than before!

I'm putting a few teasers out there from some of last weeks sessions so you can have a little peek at your sessions. I also would like to thank all my gals from Capital Region for inviting me to your summer BBQ! It was such an awesome day for a pool party, I just wish I had been smart enough to wear something cooler! Oh well, at least the kids splashing in the pool kept a little bit cooler! I'm posting a bunch of pictures for you guys, it was so fun getting to see all your families at play, and I cant wait to finish working on the pictures! Thanks again for having me and thanks all your support and referrals! You guys are a wonderful group of women and make such a fantastic team!

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