Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Couple of Out-takes!

I thought Id start this week off with a few of images from last week that I found hilarious! Sometimes the little spur of the moment catches are what make me smile the most! The first is one of my "helpers" from my Saturday afternoon session. The session was for my clients parents wedding anniversary, and had all the kids and grand kids together for a reunion of sorts. What a comedic family that I truly adored! The college boys were helping me carry all my "goods" and someone yelled "hey Jill, look behind you" as we were walking to the cars and this is what I found!! Oh how it made my day!!!!! Second is from one of my fav. clients family session at the gov. gardens. And my oh my is little miss "m" getting independent! We did get some great shots to, but spent the majority of the session trying to keep her in the picture! This shot seemed to sum it up perfectly! Lastly is during a session when we found a frog hopping along... What fun we had trying to catch him!!!

I'm also including some other favs from the week of Jun 9-14 to. I'm hoping to post later today with some teasers from my last weeks shoots!

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