Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes.. out of town again!

The kids and I took yet another trip to KC. With my grandpa's health not being the greatest, and my mom out of school for the summer, we headed to KC unexpectedly this weekend. This shouldn't cause any delay, as I always bring my computer and work while we are here, the only exception is those intending on picking up orders this week. I brought everything I had with my as of Sat. and shipped them out from here so you shouldn't experience any delay, even if you didn't chose to have your order shipped to you, I shipped anyway. This includes orders for: 2- luetkenotte orders, Geyer, Knicker, Lamb, M.Peters, M.Stokes. Orders that should arrive this week and get shipped out on Wed. include:Chapman, Stockman, Roling, Pinkerton, Rector, Holtmeyer, Welsch.

These pictures are from a session last week of my oldest daughters best friend and her sister. I wanted to include a few for you to see how they were coming Sarah. Your girls are precious, and I so enjoyed taking their pictures! They both have such an ageless, classic beauty! I'm so glad you finally took me up on my offer, as our family has had you in our thoughts and prayers over the last half year, and I'm so glad I could give you this gift of your two little angels. I hope you enjoy them!

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