Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a Day!!!!!

Last Tuesday was such a great day!! Not only did I get to photograph some beautiful twins, but we got to offers on our old house! The twins are little twins girls of one of my neighbors, who now has three little girls just like we do! Mom went to 39 weeks for her planned C-section. Can you believe it... 39 weeks? And I even saw her out walking the sat before the birth! She is quite the woman and I feel so lucky that she invited me in to photograph them! Newborns have got to be my absolute favorite, and then twins on top of that. Ive photographed one other set of newborn twins, and both times it has taken me back to the birth of my twins! Congrats to you guys, and I hope you are all doing well after Joe's surgery, you guys have been in my prayers! I cant wait to finish editing your pictures, they were absolutely the sweetest little sleepers ever and didn't even hardly fuss during the whole session! One newborn can be tricky, but these two were easier than most singletons!

Then, after such a rush of photographing the twins, we got a couple of offers on our house house, which landed us a contract due to close July 21! Talk about a day! Its been a long year with two houses! We are so glad to finally get it behind us and move on!!! Yeah!!!

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