Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a whole lotta stuff...

Last week was a busy week! I had a few more sessions than I usually schedule to accommodate a couple of out-of-town clients who were only in town for a short while. First, of my out of town clients was a belly session from St. Louis, and the second was a family session with parts of the family from Columbia and parts from St. Louis. Which made me think a little about who my clients are. Most are from the mid-mo and surrounding areas, but I have multiple families from both St. Louis and Kansas City that travel here for photo sessions. I have clients from Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky. My Furthest clients are 2 different families from Australia, and my closest clients are 2 houses down the street. It is always a little flattering when someone drives that far for sessions, or makes a point to schedule sessions around trips to mid-mo.

The rest of the week was already booked full with clients as well, which Ill include a few teasers for those of you who's sessions are finished being edited yet. I also had a rare session this week for me... I did a wedding. Although, it was quite different from the "traditional" wedding. After a ceremony at the Courthouse we met at the gov. gardens for some quick pictures. Luckily the rain held off, as we hadn't made any alternate plans! Congrats to you both B&D!

Then I had my first senior session of the year... we were all set to meet and do some outside shots, but the rain didn't quite cooperate! So we headed to the studio and got those out of the way. All I can say is Wow! What a little beauty, and just all around sweet girl! I'm so excited to finish the rest of our session!!

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