Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend highlights, and man were there a lot!

This weekend was full of some really fun shoots! I had several repeat clients, which are always so much fun, and so easy as you get to know the kiddos so much better! The first was out at beautiful private lake with 3 of the most gorgeous boys... man Kim, will you have the girls at your house when they grow up!!! I'm just including some of the middle boy in the post as the purpose was his birthday shoot, and man, were they what stuck out in my mind when I was editing! He was cracking me up with his little cowboy posing and has the most incredible eyes! Then Sat. brought me one of my very first clients ever... Ive done his birthday shoots ever since and its so fun watching him grow! What a little boy full of so much spunk! Missy you will have your hands full! He has that ornery gleam in his eyes!!! Also had another return client for family photos and wow, another mom to 4 kids! I always take my hat off to anyone who can do that, my 3 keep me completely insane!!! I'm just including one of the youngest of the bunch, and Julie- even though she had a mind of her own sat, I still did get some really good shots of her, the family and all the kids!!!

Last but definitely not least, the followup outside pictures for my first senior of the season. I'm going to include several in this post, as there were just so many incredible ones. This was one of those shoots that as a photographer, I almost felt like I was cheating or something, "K" is such a beautiful girl, and the camera really loves her, and I don't think I could have taken a truly "bad" picture of her if I tried!!! I'm dying to get to the editing of these, even though I have several sessions to finish before I can!!!

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