Thursday, July 24, 2008

What was going on here last week-

Last week was a great week! First and foremost, we closed on our old house! Yeah!!! Its so good to get that behind us! I can focus more on the business now with out my head so clouded with all that stress!! I had so many fun clients last week, which really isn't any different than other weeks, I never get tired of it and its always fun!!! I had some more out of town clients, with part of the family living here. Its always fun to get to be part of a reunion of sorts and capturing some of those moments when the whole family is back together. I did 2 sessions with this group with the first being one where daughter and granddaughter had just flown in from Virginia. Needless to say the baby had quite a day and was really worn out from the travels.. we still managed to get some great shots in between the cries and it was so worth being patient waiting for her to calm down, because the in between shots were so great!! Then the next night brought the whole extended family together and the weather was so perfect outside! Next was my neighbor's sister n law's kids and they were so fun! I always hear so much about them that it was so fun to get to see them in action! Amy, little "G" is such a picture of his daddy, and has such a precious little gleam in his eyes!! After that session was the cutest little gal, and right up my alley, full of pink and frills! Stephanie, she is precious and was so fun to work with! Also had two twins (okay, so not really twins, but might as well be) of a friend I used to work with. I have watched them grow from the time Frances brought them back from Guatemala. They are so full of energy and watching them always wears me out!! But they are two of the most adorable little boys around! Their little fireman outfits grandma bought them were TDF!!!! Finally my last two sessions for the week were a couple of little sweeties... Beth & Jim- Thanks for being patient and waiting on me, but it worked out b/c I ended up with a full session of wonderful pictures!!! Becky- Thank you also! I ended up with some of the most incredible pictures I have ever done of "A". She really made my day that morning with her smiles!!!

So finally my last picture for this post is also of little Miss "A" from sat. It comes in as one of those that I just cant take my eyes off of. It really is what I go for in every session, and really hope to capture. Its kind of funny, as allot of times its not the picture that a mom always buys. But, its always the picture that I'm so drawn to and I long for of my own kids. Its not a smile, its the serious, deep soulful look that you almost feel like you can see into the child, to the depth of their innocence. This ones up there with one of my all time favs.

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