Thursday, August 7, 2008

downtown urban kc shoot

These were from my last session in KC last weekend. We have been trying to actually find time to visit some friends in KC while we are up there, but it seems like we are always so busy with my family, we never get it done. So when Mel asked about me doing a photo session of her kids, it was the perfect excuse to make us find time to get up there. We left the twins at my moms and actually had an evening hanging out with only one of the kids, so it was nice! She wanted to do an urban shoot, which I have to say are starting to be my favorite!!!! It is so fun exploring the little nooks and cranny's that you normally pass by without as much as a second glance! We headed to the old freight house district and had so much fun. Since my oldest was with me, I even got to do a bunch of her to which was an added bonus. It seems like the only time I find time to do my own kids anymore is when I squeeze some in with one of my friends shoots. Here's a few from the session, and I promise Mel, the rest will be up tomorrow morning!!!

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