Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Step-nieces Senior Session

Here are more than a few from my step-nieces senior session in KC. This was such a fun time exploring and shooting somewhere I never have before. We went to the old downtown area of Pleasant hill and it was so full of incredible locations! I loved the old-urban feel of it all. As I was shooting and editing this session I was thinking about what exactly being "photogenic" is. I truly believe every child and person is beautiful, and what people call "photogenic" is just when someone wears their beauty comfortably, close to the surface with natural self-confidence in front of the camera. Others don't have that self confidence just naturally spilling over, and as a photographer, what I love most, is coaxing my subject to wear their interior confidence a little closer to the surface. Once you can get someone to wear it closer, you can can get someone who doesn't really think they are "photogenic" to really shine through in their photos. That's what I feel happened with Josie. This session is full of incredible shots, that I think anyone would call "photogenic" yet the session didn't start off full of that confidence from the beginning. But man, when it did, what beauty came shining through! Josie-- You are a beautiful girl, don't be afraid to flash that smile, wear your smile with confidence because you really are a beautiful girl! I usually try to narrow my posts down to about 7 photos, but there were really so many good ones, it seriously was hard to even stop at ten! Hope you enjoy this little peak at your pictures!!

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