Saturday, August 2, 2008

Several of last weeks sessions...

These are a few of some of the weekday shoots last week before we headed to KC for the weekend. The first one is one of my baby planners, and man had he grown and changed!!! We got the best smiles out of him this time of any of the sessions, and was the absolute cutest on the little Harley. He just fiddled away like he was working on the motorcycle trying to get it to run! Fariba- Cant wait to work on the rest and it will be sometime today when they are up! Then were a couple of little cuteys.. Two different sessions, but they were cousins. The little boy was so full of personality and little smiles that could melt your heart, and the little girl was absolutely precious. We did half the session and she was getting a little cranky, so mom fed her a little bit and she went right to sleep! I work hard to get sleeping newborns, but have never gotten one this old to sleep for some shots. These sleeping ones were absolutely to die for! I still am in awe every time I look at a little sleeping baby. There is just nothing in the world more perfect and relaxing I do believe! Tina & Angie - Hope you enjoy seeing these, and Ill get the rest posted today or tomorrow!

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