Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slowing Down...

Just a quick note without any pictures for a change. Just wanted to let everyone waiting on picture orders that I am running a bit behind. With just myself running every aspect of the business its hard to find the balance of that perfect amount of sessions. I took on more than what I can really handle over the past couple of months as I have that problem of having a hard time saying no!. But, to run a business successfully, I'm going to have to set my limits and cut back to 5 a week. In the haste to get everything done, taking on more sessions only causes me to make mistakes and not get to spend as much time editing with each session that I like to do, and spending that custom time on collages, storyboards and cards. Any who, if your waiting on an order, I expect to have everything hanging out there to everyone by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, and for the meantime Ill be cutting back a bit. I know how that Christmas rush is though, and everyone wants to get Christmas photos in, so I do have it in the works to hire someone to do my ordering/customer service end of the business for me, which will be a great addition and a welcome change I do believe. By doing that, Ill be able to pick the pace back up without jeopardizing the quality/time I get to spend with everyone! Thanks to everyone for being patient!

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