Friday, August 1, 2008

Kansas City

This past weekend we were in KC visiting my family for an extended stay, and also getting some work in while I was there, which is usually the case. Between visiting my grandpa and grandpa in the nursing home, visiting some old friends from college, and trying to have some fun with the kids, I managed to squeeze in 3 photo sessions. One was senior pictures of my step-sisters, step daughter (did you follow that?!), one was our friends from college's kids (both of which I will post some highlights from later this weekend, and the other which I'm writing about now was a client who is friends from one of my long-time clients from here in town. She has watched my clients pictures from the beginning and finally called me to do a session. They were going to drive up here, but it worked out to fit it in on a trip for us to go up to visit my family. I LOVE shooting in different locations so it was a real treat! Leslie I'm so glad we met, your family is so adorable, and I loved your excitement over the session! The images from this session are so priceless. Pure family fun and interaction! My favorite from the session has got to be one I'm posting of Dad and the two kids. Dad was in Iraq while their oldest was about 1, so when all three of them were gathering around the Iraq memorial at the park we were out and you could see the reflection of the three of them in the black granite of the memorial, the moment was priceless! Leslie- I have a couple of more sessions to finish up before I can finish yours, but it should be posted by Sunday. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these few as a little bit of a teaser!

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