Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Studio! 503 E. High St.

Well, lets just say its been a crazy couple of weeks. I have always had a dream of having my own studio in a cool old house uptown, instead of having it in my basement. However its always been my motto and my goal to produce beautiful works of art, but still keep my overhead low so that I can keep my prices as low as I can. Because of that, Ive just always assumed Id have my studio in my house. An incredible opportunity landed in my lap to rent a couple of rooms upstairs in this fabulous house uptown for a price that can still work within my budget. It will also upen up what I can do with my lighting having the extra space to work with. It used to be the home of the Sugarbakers and then later their doctors practice. Dr. Sugarbaker still owns the house but lives in Cape Girardeau. Jeena Hunget of Body Linens rents the other half of the upstairs so together we have the entire top floor. The house is so full of history and just incredible old original wood trim and plaster walls. The place is exactly what I have dreamt about in a studio. I think the atmosphere of it will lend itself so perfectly to my work, and puts me so close right up town to all the fun urban places for shoots, along with being so close to the governors gardens. I am really on cloud nine! We are moving the studio this Sat., so if you have a session scheduled, this sat. (13th) will still be at my house and after that all sessions will be at my new place!

I had a session uptown this week with the kids of my jewelry vendor, and since we were so close, we ran by and tried out some of the outside locations around my new studio! The little "rock stars" were so adorable rockin it up outside my new place! There are so many cool places to explore there I can hardly wait!!!

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