Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Commercial Shoot

Last week was a crazy week. Ive stepped back up on my number of sessions each week, because I now have Sarah helping me with my orders, and then on Friday I had an incredible commercial shoot for the fabulous Jeena Hunget of http://www.bodylinens.com/. Jeena designs and creates a unique high-end pajama line who's clientele even includes Oprah Winfrey herself! Ive been doing mannequin shots of her new fall line for her website, but this session was using a model to really show off the line for the website and magazines. We had a full night trying to work to take advantage of the "golden hour" of sunlight right before sunset. The beautiful Sarah Linhardt modeled the pajama's for us and really did an incredible job! Thanks again Sarah for being such a vital part of the shoot! As you will see in the pictures, it seems like she was a natural at modeling! By the end of the shoot, and countless grasshoppers, chiggers, spiders and even some poison ivy later, we were all wiped out! But, the pictures were so worth it!

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