Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekly Highlights

The first full week of school was crazy, as I'm sure it was for most! It just comes as such a change in routine from summer, but Alyssa is loving first grade and the twins love going to "their school". Monday they even cried when I told them it wasn't a school day for them! It is so nice that their transition to day care a couple of days a week has gone so smooth!

Sessions were in full swing as well, and Ill include some of the highlights. The week was filled mostly with good ole' clients that have been here several times. Those are always so fun to get to see the changes in the kiddos. First was a family session in which I did the oldest girls senior pictures back when I first started my business. She's been off in college since then, and mom wanted a family picture with the whole group before she left this year! Marybeth your kids were so fun and reminded me of the chaos and comedy that my family brings! Then my one new client this week, it was a coincidence that Eric actually works with little Mr. "J"s grandpa, in Sedalia none the less. He played his daddy's guitar and was so adorable! Its so fun when clients bring a piece of something that's important to them to include in the pictures. Then I had a couple of my baby planners, "e" had her first birthday cake although she loved to make the mess, she really didn't care to eat it. Mmmm... not eat cake?!? Then Mr. "C" was in for his 6mo session, and finally was smiley for me! He had some of the biggest grins when he woke up from his nap that were just priceless! And then on to my last one for the week. They come from the lake area, and we've just timed it at her stubborn times the last few shoots, but this time after allot of coaxing, I got some really great shots! Dad sells tractors and they brought one up for the session!

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