Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back At It!!!!

Feels good to be back at it after about 3 weeks off while my hands got back in shape after surgery! Hope everyone had a great holiday season! I'm posting a lot of my faves from that last week before break as there were some really fun ones!

New year brings new goals, plans, and this year with as busy as Ive gotten I am not going to be raising prices much, as I know the budgets are tight everywhere!!! There will be a few increases which I will post tomorrow, but mostly I'm just going to be sticking to all my policies, no exceptions. The last year every time there were delays it was always with me bending policy's and doing things that I just didn't have time to do. so just to give everyone a little heads up! Below is a summary of some of the policies, etc. It is important to me to be able to keep my print prices affordable, so to do this, several new policies, and changed to some will occur.

First, the proof books are one of the few things that are increased. I sold those at cost, and just cant afford to do that this year as much as Id like to.... The price will be 40$ which a 100$ print order, 20$ with a 200$ print order, and free with a 300$ print order. Babyplanners, who purchased the baby plan during 2007 or 2008 can still get the proof book for 20$, however there HAS to be a 100$ order to receive that price. I have not always required this in the past, but due to illegal copying, etc. I am having to stick to this one this year.
Second, is editing, and custom text/wording on prints. I charge 5$ per image for this service, and this will be enforced this year. I will sometimes add text to photos in the set of proofs, and that is not extra, but anything additional requested by the client will be subject to the 5$ fee.
Lastly, is custom cards. These are expensive products from the lab, and require allot of my time to do.. In the future, any custom cards will have to have a minimum of 100$ print purchase before I will start work on any cards.

Other than that, my prices will not change dramatically, as I do want to provide beautiful photos at a reasonable cost. Hope your holidays were wonderful!!

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