Saturday, January 10, 2009


My first sessions of the year were full of sweetness! My first day back I had some adorable little guys and gals that were the sweetest kiddos! First was little "T". He had the most adorable little ornery smile that lit up the room... we had fun playing tractors! Later in the day was sweet little "A". Little "A" is one of my recent little newborns! There is nothing more sweet than newborn and 3 month old shoots! Hope you enjoy your little "sneak peaks"!

I also thought of one more new thing for the year that I forgot to put in my previous post. The galleries will only be hosted online for 45 days, then the gallery will expire and there will be a 25$ re-hosting fee. This is just due to storage space, there just isn't enough space to store them out there longer than that as much as Id like to keep them out there longer for you guys!

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